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How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

Since the discovery of Cannabidiol (CBD) in the 1990s, it has been the subject of rigorous studies, with scientists delving in deep to unravel its mysteries. The studies have been thus far very encouraging and positive, revealing that CBD causes relaxation, a calming effect, and potentially quells pain. However, such descriptions of CBD may seem shallow, especially for new users who are about to get in on the action.

How does CBD work?

To understand how CBD makes you feel, we need to highlight how it works in our bodies. CBD is among the 113 known cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Most cannabinoids remain a grey area, but Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have been studied extensively.

All mammals have an Endocannabinoid system (ECS) that CBD indirectly activates through receptors within our peripheral and central nervous systems in our brains, spinal cord, immune systems, and organs. In most cases, CBD binds with the receptors CB1 and CB2 in the brain and nervous system, respectively. In a way, this can explain why CBD effects are not usually instantaneous like its THC counterpart. Consumers feel the real benefits over time.

How does CBD make you feel?

In reality, CBD may induce a wide variety of effects in our body due to different reasons. Things such as dosage, the strain of hemp used in the product, where and how the hemp plant is grown, the reason for taking CBD in the first place, and our individual physiology, can all contribute to unique experiences in different people.

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Upon taking CBD, it takes about 15-45 minutes for the effects to kick in. Unlike THC, you do not feel the "high" effect or euphoria. It’s usually a subtle effect of calm and relaxation- some users have described this feeling as floating away. Stronger strains of CBD may make you feel a bit light-headed but don't confuse this feeling with the psychoactive nature of THC, as it is usually brief and short-lived as CBD enters your bloodstream and makes its way around the receptors.

CBD's versatility is impressive, and its potential adaptogenic properties are the icing on the cake. Adaptogens are plants or extracts that help the body respond to stress, fatigue, anxiety and overall wellbeing. CBD extracts induce effects that may sometimes differ or even contradict depending on the body's needs. Users have reported that CBD products made them alert with a clear head to partake in their daily activities, while it's also very effective in aiding sound and long sleeping patterns.

Another scenario to note is CBD's seemingly opposing impact on appetite. A 2018 study concluded that CBD enhanced or decreased appetite depending on the various participants. People experiencing pain and anxiety may not feel any profound effect but a sudden sense of equilibrium, mainly characterised by pain reduction or surging energy that uplifts the mood- feeling more of yourself.

Does CBD make you high?

CBD does not give you a buzz or a "high" feeling. THC and to a lesser degree cannabinol (CBN) are the two main cannabinoids known to impair the brain and motor functions. As earlier discussed, CBD uses different pathways and binds directly with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. It also alters the shape and behaviour of these endocannabinoid receptors.

Essentially, these receptors may bind differently with other cannabinoids, and therefore CBD will not only hinder you from getting high but may also mitigate the potency of the THC intoxication.

Is CBD addictive?

You may notice that once you start using CBD, the effects are so wonderful that you will inherently want to keep using it. This feeling should not be confused with addiction. It is, however, owing to the fact that CBD is a massive game-changer. The effects it elicits are simply superb. Various studies have shown that CBD is in no way addictive on a molecular level. Evidence has even suggested that CBD may combat other substance addictions such as alcohol and tobacco.

THC vs CBD Feeling

In reality, THC and CBD therapeutic benefits overlap. In recent times, many people use THC to deal with the problematic symptoms that gained CBD positive sentiments in the first place. Though they may provide seemingly the same result to the targeted symptoms, the experiences between the two can be further apart. To begin with, CBD is non-intoxicating. On the other hand, THC is a powerful psychoactive compound and intoxicates the brain.

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Therefore, THC may induce euphoria, dizziness, relaxation, drowsiness, racing thoughts, mental and motor impairment, paranoia, anxiety, and nausea. Some of these effects can be very unpleasant.

How long does it take to feel CBD’S effect?

The waiting time mainly depends on the intake method. For instance, vaping or using CBD oil drops sublingually (placing the oil under the tongue) ensures CBD enters the bloodstream fast, and it would take 5-10 minutes and 15-30 minutes, respectively, for effects to kick in. Edibles and capsules have a longer waiting time as they need to go through the digestive system.

You will also need to take more quantities to have the same effects as either vaping or sublingual intake. It generally takes 30-45 minutes to feel the effects. The upside of edibles is that you will experience a slow, steady, and accumulative build-up.

Quick tips about CBD dosing

As a first-timer, you might be at crossroads over what dosage is okay for you. The tips below can be pivotal in guiding you in these unfamiliar terrains.

  • "Start low and go slow" is a common slogan which urges beginners to start with lower doses and slowly increase to match their desired effects.
  • Use little CBD to combat mild symptoms.
  • Patience is paramount. It may take time to reach "epic levels", but the payoff is worthwhile.
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