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How to Use Turkey Tail Mushroom

How to Use Turkey Tail Mushroom

Functional mushrooms have been around for thousands of years. Yet there’s still plenty to learn and discover about them. Turkey Tail is the most well-studied mushroom in the world, with thousands of published studies and documented benefits. This alluring and impressive fungus is a marvel to behold, with far-reaching therapeutic and nutritional benefits. And, it's quite the taste buds pleaser. That's why most people considering Turkey Tail as part of their supplement routine need help to decide the best way to consume it. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. But first, a quick background to get you up to speed.

The History of the Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey Tail mushrooms go by many names. In the wild, they are known as Trametes versicolour or Coriolus versicolour. They grow on dead hardwood trees around the world. The mushroom gets its name from its distinctive layered stripes of brown, tan, grey and white which look like a turkey’s tail.

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In most Asian countries where the mushroom has been a staple for thousands of years, it symbolises health and longevity for its ability to support immune functions and fight infections, among other benefits.

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The fungus features many naturally occurring compounds that help to support gut health and improve gut strength. The compounds include potent antioxidants, flavonoids and over 35 phenols.

Benefits of the Turkey Tail Mushroom

The diversity of the Turkey Tail mushroom will make it hard to find a reason not to add it to your supplement routine, especially if you’re looking for immune-boosting benefits where the Turkey Tail mushroom excels. Its benefits include;

It is packed with antioxidants

Turkey Tail mushrooms may prevent and reduce damage caused by oxidative stress. The mushroom is rich in antioxidants, phenols and flavonoids that help reduce damage caused by free radicals. The antioxidants also promote immune system health by reducing inflammation and stimulating the release of protective compounds.

Has immune-boosting polysaccharopeptides

You can find polysaccharopeptides in Turkey Tail mushrooms. These protein-bound polysaccharides have powerful immune-boosting properties. They may activate and inhibit specific types of immune cells and suppress inflammation. The polysaccharopeptides found in Turkey Tail mushrooms are commonly used as anticancer agents in conjunction with other cancer interventions like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Enhance gut health 

A healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut contributes to maintaining a strong immune system. Turkey Tail mushrooms contain the prebiotics that nourishes the helpful bacteria and helps them flourish. Some studies have shown that healthy levels of certain bacteria in the gut are linked to improved intestinal symptoms like diarrhoea, reduced cholesterol levels, improved immune system and lower risks of certain cancers and improved digestion.

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Turkey Tail mushrooms have been associated with other benefits like improved athletic performance, improved insulin resistance, antibacterial qualities, and reduced inflammation.

How to Take Turkey Tail Mushroom

Now that you have plenty of reason to add Turkey Tail mushrooms to your routine, let's look at the different ways you can take the mushrooms to keep your experience adventurous and fun.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Recipes

Turkey Tail mushrooms don’t have a slightly bitter and unimpressive taste. Their consistency is not very mushroomy but requires decent cooking skills to balance the Turkey Tail mushroom taste with other delicious recipes.

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Because of the mushroom’s pungent takes and unconventional texture, you need to blend them with something to make a delicious meal. Luckily finding Turkey Tail mushroom recipes online is a walk in the park. You can choose the recipes featuring your favourite ingredients and use them to create a sumptuous meal packed with the health benefits that Turkey Tail mushrooms offer.

Alternatively, you can get super creative with your recipe if you have enough Turkey Tail mushrooms and use them to make Turkey Tail broth.


If you don't have the culinary skills or the patience to create a delicious Turkey Tail mushroom meal, you can turn to Turkey Tail mushroom extract powder. This is the most common supplement. It is versatile and easy to consume. It doesn't require hours of preparation and regular tasting during preparation. The powder is ready to use out of the package, and you can use it in various ways depending on your preference.

Add to your meal

Instead of spending hours cooking a Turkey Tail meal, you can cook your favourite meal and sprinkle some Turkey Tail mushroom powder. It's a quick, convenient and effective way of adding many health benefits to your food. The best part is the powder is not selective. You can add it to almost any food.

Add it to your cup of coffee

Adding Turkey Tail mushroom to your morning cup of coffee can deliver an added jolt of energy that will keep you running throughout the day. If you choose to add Turkey Tail mushroom powder to your coffee, keep in mind that it doesn’t blend as smoothly into hot coffee as other mushroom powders, so have a frother at hand.

Besides coffee, you can add the mushroom powder to other drinks or smoothies for added benefits. But you shouldn’t add it to citrus-based drinks. 

You can also use your Turkey Tail powder to make a broth by adding some of the powder to a pot with water, vegetables and selected herbs and spices. With the right blend, that slightly bitter taste becomes an aromatic, savoury, earthy flavour.


Capsules are the most efficient and effective way to take Turkey Tail mushrooms. They are carefully packaged and pre-dosed. You can carry them and take them anywhere. You don’t have to measure how much you take or make any recipes. For new Turkey Tail fans, capsules are heaven-sent. They carry the same benefits neatly packed and ready to take according to your preferred daily intake.

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