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With all the other CBD suppliers out there it’s hard to choose which one is the right one for you. Just CBD It, is designed to take away your worries and sweep you off your feet with punchy and flavour-filled CBD vape juices.

Other brands we stock include Creating Better DaysFresh BombsNaturecan CBD and more. 

The brewer has a history of being a stickler for quality, and this is expressed in each one of their CBD vape bottles. It might not be the most popular CBD vape brand. But, amongst, CBD vapers who settle for nothing short of quality, it’s pretty popular.


They get their ingredients from the best sources and use the best extraction methods for the CBD to produce THC free, GMO-free and solvent-free CBD vape juices that you can fire up without any worries whatsoever.

CBD’s Full Potential

The hemp used to extract the CBD added to the vape juice is grown organically without the use of pesticides that can harm the quality of genetically modified plants. This allows vapers who to introduce the CBD in its most natural form into the body.

In addition to sourcing for the most natural plants, Just CBD It has invested in a state of the art extraction plants that ensure only the purest CBD extracts make it to their vape bottles.

To make their products easily accessible and allow all vapers to enjoy a drop of their high quality and wonderful tasting CBD, Just CBD It has partnered with Flawless CBD to offer their loyal vapers with an exceptional shopping experience and easy access to their products.

Just CBD It Products

Just CBD It has taken a completely different direction. They have opted to focus on their strength which is producing CBD vape juices.

They take their time to craft each flavour and blend it to perfection. The goal is to make sure their clients not only get the best CBD experience but have an immersing vaping experience as well.

Why Vaping CBD?

There are many ways to take CBD. You can take it orally, add it to food and some people opt to buy CBD capsules or tablets. Vaping CBD is the newer of the two methods and has quickly garnered steam because of the apparent benefits of vaping CBD which include:

  • Efficiency – vaping CBD is much more efficient compared to other methods of taking CBD. Vaping delivers more CBD to the bloodstream than any other technique which is why it is becoming a favourite among most CBD users.
  • Better and faster effects – if you’re looking for a quick fix and rapid CBD effects, vaping is the best method. Unlike ingesting CBD which has to go through the digestive process, vaping delivers the compound directly to the lungs and consequently to the bloodstream. It takes a shorter time and you feel the effects faster.

What are Your Options?

Just CBD It offers their CBD vape juices in different flavours. They have kept the VG/PG ratio constant through all the flavours to guarantee the best experience. The ratio is capped at 40%:60%. The strength of the CBD vape juice varies depending on what you prefer.

They have up to nine punchy fruity flavoured CBD juices which include lemon, original mint, blueberry, lemon haze, strawberry, mango, tutti fruitti and lemon and lime.

If you’re looking for a great CBD vape that will offer you the benefits of CBD and a great taste, Just CBD It is the perfect brand.

UK’s Leading Shop

The CBD market is emerging and rapidly changing. At Flawless CBD, we have made it our mission to stay in touch with the latest in the industry.

We stock the most recent CBD products in all categories from renowned and some lesser-known but equally impressive brands. We have built a broad customer base that trusts us to provide them with easy access to the best and high-quality CBD products which is a task we take seriously.

Together with our sister outlet Flawless Vape Shop, we conduct random testing of the products we receive, so our customers don't have to be concerned about the quality. Our rapidly moving stock always guarantees you get fresh products for the best taste.

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

Choosing to buy your CBD products from Flawless CBD could be the best decision you've ever made. We have all CBD products under one roof. Our comprehensive catalogue is a paradise for shoppers who love trying out new products.

We have an experienced customer support team that will easily guide you through any challenges that you might face with your purchase. Get in touch with us today to place an order and redefine your CBD experience.

Worry free

Worry-Free Guarantee

At Flawless CBD, we've got your back. If you're not happy with your purchase or encounter any issues, simply let us know. We guarantee that we'll take care of you and make it right. Shop with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.

With Flawless, you can shop with confidence, knowing that we stand behind our products and are committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience. Your peace of mind is our guarantee.

Our mission

Our Mission: Elevating CBD Excellence

At Flawless CBD, we're on a mission to offer the highest quality CBD products available. Our extensive range includes CBD Vape Oil, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Balm, and CBD vape pens. We've meticulously researched, partnered with top global CBD brands, and analyzed lab reports to ensure the purest CBD offerings. We strive to bring transparency to the CBD market, educating our customers about CBD's potential benefits.

As a part of the Flawless family, we maintain the same commitment to quality, serving as a leading online distributor in the vaping industry. With retail locations in Leicester, Loughborough, Rugby, and plans for more, we're dedicated to offering convenient access and expert guidance. Your satisfaction and well-being are our priorities, and our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to assist, whether in-store or online. Join us on the path to wellness and excellence in CBD.

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