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Mr Vapour

Mr Vapor is a large vape shop and e-cig chain in the United States. It has multiple locations and offers over 200 flavours of e-liquids a good number of which are CBD-infused. For CBD lovers that prefer to vape, Mr Vapor gives you a broad range of flavours to try out and keep your CBD experience exciting.

Being an experienced and established brand, Mr Vapor understands the ethos that leads to success in the CBD industry, which is how the brand has been able to succeed. Quality and variety are two of the most valued factors in the production of CBD products.

Mr Vapor has focused on producing CBD vape liquids. At the moment, the brand has not released any other CBD products. However, their collection of the CBD vape liquids is comprehensive and filled with many enticing flavours.

MR Vapor CBD E-Liquid

While oral administration is the most commonly used method of taking CBD, vaping is the most effective method and provides the highest CBD bioavailability.

Unlike oral ingestion, CBD vaping doesn’t take the CBD through the digestive process. The CBD is instead delivered to the lungs where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. This is why more CBD lovers are turning to vape as a way of taking CBD.


With Mr Vapor, you will not be limited to the variety of CBD vape liquid flavours you can try. The brand's intense collection include fruity flavours like yummy raspberry, lemon buzz, mango blitz, strawberry whizz, Blackcurrant, Tooty Frooty, among others.

There also other flavours like OG Kush, Bubblegumz, High Zen Berg and Mary Jane Green. The diverse range of flavours ensures that every CBD lover can find flavours that work for them no matter the scope of their preference.

What Makes Mr Vapor Different?

In the CBD niche, most brands struggle to stand out because of the similarity of products. Mr Vapor has not fallen victim to this. Instead, the brand has flourished amassing a loyal following among vapers in the US and UK.

One of the reasons the brands stands out is the fact that they have focused on producing one type of CBD product and they have perfected it. CBD vaping is relatively new, but there are only a handful of companies that have mastered the art of producing thick clouds without affecting the delivery of CBD into the system.

What MR Vapor lacks in variety of CBD products, it makes up for in the range of flavours. The company has tried to offer CBD lovers with different flavours. These include fruity flavours, sweet flavours and some citrus-inspired options. 

It also helps that the e-liquid comes in attractive packaging that makes it easier for the user to consider giving the CBD vape liquid a try. While remaining enticing, the packaging retains a sense of maturity to it, which is weirdly welcoming.

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