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CBD Oil and Horses

CBD Oil and Horses

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Horses are like their owners. They experience nutritional and medical challenges. However, unlike humans, knowing what to do when your horse is under the weather can be a challenge as it can be distressing seeing them in pain.

Common Health Problems Experienced by Horses

Being the symbol of strength doesn’t mean the horse is not a delicate animal. They are susceptible to a wide range of medical conditions some of which can cause debilitating pain and even affect the normal routine of the horse.

Some of these conditions include:

Swelling and pain

The most vulnerable body part of horses is their joints. It might not seem like it, but horses are heavy and coupled with the weight of the rider, it can easily strain the connective tissue in the joints.

Difficult duties like working roles or competitions can increase the risk of discomfort and swelling in the joints.


Horses are extremely jittery and require careful handling. They endure scary experiences that can contribute substantially to anxiety. Some horses are more anxious than others especially when subjected to certain experiences like travelling or being in encloses spaces.

Understanding the situations and experiences that put your horse on edge is vital in providing a conducive environment for them. In some severe cases, conventional medications and alternative options are also considered in helping the horse calm down.

Digestive Health

Most animals often have digestive problems and horses are no different. The condition can be very uncomfortable for the horse resulting in withdrawal and refusal to eat. Getting the digestion process back on track is key in helping your horse recover and ensure it resumes normal functioning.

please find here the UK stance for CBD for pets via the VMD:

What is CBD oil?

It’s extracted from specially grown hemp plants that are engineered for maximum CBD oil yield. The oil is natural and not toxic.

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The Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that interacts with the cannabinoids contained in CBD oil. The ECS has receptors that help to maintain general balance in the body. When CBD is administered, it exerts its effects through the receptors in the endocannabinoid system to restore homeostasis. 

What to consider when buying CBD products?

The rise in the popularity of CBD products has seen many new appear. It can be tricky sorting out through the numerous varieties, but here are a few things that will help point you in the right direction.

  • Lab Tested – You need to know all the ingredients in CBD products. A lab test which is a comprehensive certificate of analysis details how much CBD is in the product which is vital considering some unscrupulous details market CBD products that only contain traces of hemp extract. Don’t buy any CBD products if it doesn’t have a lab test report.
  • Full-spectrum CBD – CBD products are commonly made from isolate or full-spectrum CBD. The difference is, isolate CBD contains pure CBD. Full-spectrum also packs other cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant and some traces of THC. However, the THC is highly regulated to keep it to a minimum.

CBD brands go to the ends of the world to find the best hemp plants to extract their CBD. The products are made from high-quality CBD using complex and quality machines to guarantee quality products that are safe.

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